Crayon Selfie Case

This Crayon Selfie Case is perfect to selfies, great pictures, applying makeup, & them late night FaceTime calls💏. This case has front and back lighting. Taking full body pics in a dark area. Use your Crayon Case back lightening to give you the light you need. This isn’t just a perfect light up Case. It’s also a phone protector. Tough outer shell with soft rubberized edges. The protective corners give you maximum drop protection. This case is a must have. Use it in the car, where you need light the most. This white light will brighten up any room. This case only comes in the beautiful sleek rose gold color. iPhone compatibility. Comes in iPhone 6/6s/7/8 and iPhone 6P/7P/8P. Link in our bio. Search selfie Case


The S8 & iPhone X comes in Black only